Ways How To Get Rid Of Clogged Ears With Water

During the summer it can often happens to us to come across the problem of clogged ears with water. It happens due to frequent showering, swimming in the sea and so on.

Besides being very uncomfortable feeling, it can also be dangerous.

Therefore, we will now present 7 of the best quick and simple ways that will help to remove water from the ears.

1. Create vacuum in the ear

Tilt your head to the side where your ear is clogged and press with your palm and then press in-and-out. This will make a slight vacuum to extract water from the ear. Also, the vacuum can be done with a finger. Turn your head down put one finger in it and quickly remove it. Repeat until you feel the water came out of the ear.

2. Chew chewing gum or pretend to chew one

By moving the jawbone you can solve this problem. Eat something, chew gum or improvise.

3. Make drops of alcohol and vinegar

This combination will release the flow of water from the ears and prevent infection. Fill half a bottle with alcohol and fill the other half with white vinegar. Using a pipette put a few drops in one or the other ear. Drain the ear by tilting the head. The acid will dissolve cerumen in the ear and will facilitate the leak. The alcohol, on the other hand, helps the evaporation of water.

Note: In case you have damages eardrum, do not practice this technique.

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